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The Canadian private health and dental benefits marketplace is a multiverse of choices. Determining what kind of benefits plan is optimal for retaining and recruiting employees is challenging. Where to find such a plan in the market at a fair price can be a frustrating experience for business owners and managers.

Consider this:

  • Many employers seek a quote from a single provider and often wind up contracting with that provider for too long. The plan may not provide up-to-date coverage that is competitive with what other employers are offering. 
  • Rates and premiums may not be in line with what the market is able to offer. 
  • Terms and conditions of the insurer/provider may not be favourable for your staff and company.

So why go to just one benefits provider when you can get proposals and competitive rates from several of the best companies in the insurance industry?

That’s where we as professional advisors and group insurance brokers come in — we are a one-stop benefits shop.

Whether looking to start a new benefit plan or to better your existing plan, our experienced and friendly advisors will guide you through the process and make it as simple as possible. This involves collaborating with you to design the benefit plan and then shopping it with several providers. We do a thorough analysis, evaluation and an “apples-to-apples” comparison of quotations obtained and then present our study findings to you — and we make it easy to understand your options. If you choose a plan or program, we help set it up and then assist your chosen plan administrator to manage it going forward. Better Benefits works help to develop and support plans that are valued by members, that are cost-effective, dynamic and evolving, and are sustainable in the long-term.

Our advice and ongoing services are no cost to you. Should you contract with one of our many corporate partners we receive commissions from that company.

That’s Better Benefits – personalized solutions for small businesses, associations, and non-profits.

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Brenda Shaw, CHS

President, Better Benefits Solutions Ltd.

Certified Health Insurance Specialist
Investment Representative


Brian Shaw, CHS, BA, B.Ed. M.Ed

Employee Benefits Advisor / Group Insurance Broker

Certified Health Insurance Specialist
Investment Representative


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